Kiah Room News June 2018

Kiah Room News June 2018

Hello there from the Kiah Room. We have said goodbye to many of our children as they have gone on to be toddlers and given a warm welcome to many new families too.

As always, our curriculum focus is relationships and independence. These two focus areas are broad, intertwining and are the foundations of building identity, connections, well-being, learning and communication in young children. Our relationships are focused around ‘Circle of Security’ for the very new children; building attachment to familiar educators, and then with their peers through group experiences, routines and positive role modelling. Marte Meo practices not only promote positive relationships, they promote speech and language and give names to everything, helping children to understand their world. Warm, positive relationships give children a sense of belonging, and confidence to be independent.

Our Kiah children are learning every day to do more for themselves through self-help in predictable routines to choosing their own resources by using the children’s voice board. Hearing our children’s ‘voices’ and acknowledging their ideas helps them build a confident self-identity. Our plans for individual children have stemmed from these areas and incorporate sensory play, songs, physical play of all sorts, art and craft activities, book reading and so much more. We have been busy learning a lot and having fun!

We have also been lucky enough to have some Flinders University students visiting the Kiah room. The children have really enjoyed having the students here, providing new ideas and learning a lot from our children too.

From Lisa, Tanika, Mel, and Brenda

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