Kiah Room News November 2017

Kiah Room News November 2017

The mild weather has brought us many opportunities to get outside into the fresh air and appreciate our natural garden. Our lizards have returned which is very exciting for the children, they enjoy looking for them in the garden area and shrubs. Our emergent curriculum has been focusing on motion, so we have been getting into observing the way our bodies and other objects move. This has opened the door for lots of physical activity—balancing, jumping, ball play and dancing have been very popular.

Kiah children have been given the opportunity to sleep outside on beautiful days, under the verandah area. Sleeping out in the fresh air chases away the germs and boosts the immune system. We hope to make a regular habit of this restful routine.

That’s all for now, from the Kiah educators, Lisa, Tanika, Mel, Jo and Brenda.

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