Minbalup Kindy Room News June 2017

Minbalup Kindy Room News June 2017

In May we attended the Simultaneous Storytime in the Hub Library and also had a ‘Dress as your Favourite Animal Day’. This was a fun day enjoyed by the children. Many came dressed up as their favourite animal. Activities on the day included making masks and tails, stamp painting with animal foot prints and imaginary and dramatic play. Social interactions were inspired by our dress up animals. Carmen did a wonderful job of face painting to help us be inspired to play different animals.

In June we had Library visits and a walk to the oval.

In July our school holiday activities will include a walk to the oval on Wednesday 12th and Pyjama Day on Friday 14th.

In August we will have a Welly Boot Day—please bring your welly boots and a raincoat for this day. More information to follow closer to the time.

Our program focus is on children being involved learners, using the EYLF Framework as the base for our curriculum. Your children will have new individual and group stories in their book. Please have a look and give us your feedback about the progress and stories.

We are talking about safety and how to play with our baby / toddler sisters and brothers.

Children are encouraged to take turns in bringing in refuse materials, nature baskets, recycling materials and boxes, paper and craft items. We have had lots of box play, which inspires young imaginations. Large boxes are great indoors and out. The children have coloured them in and stuck plastic plates on them for wheels. We have made cars and buses. Big boxes are great for camper vans and going ‘camping’. They can be used so your child can become  a superhero and they have also been used to hide in. Large boxes are so much fun and your child’s imagination inspires creativity as the children play together and make social connections and build friendships.

Our wonderful natural outdoor environment gives the children lots of space to be physical—running, jumping and climbing are always lots of fun. Basketball and tossing the ball into the hoop has been inspired by some of our children as they practice what they have seen family members do at sport. Football and soccer are also becoming popular games with some of the children as they kick and catch the ball.

We have continued to encourage and talk about recycling following a presentation from the Onkaparinga Council on recycling in April. Children take great interest in recycling and reusing. We have been using plastic milk cartons as planters and have made a vertical garden on the kindy room verandah. We have taken cuttings from our garden to put into milk cartons, and we are having to remind each other to take care of our plants by watering them and not pulling the plants out of our milk carton containers.

In the kindy room we have also re-sprouted snow pea seeds, bok choy and broad beans and then planted them into our edible garden.

During the week of 5th—9th June, we did “eat a rainbow” where we talked about the different types of fruit and vegetables, tasting many different fruits and taking a walk to the green grocer to see what fruits and vegetables we could recognise.

We have been having many conversations about acceptable behaviour with the children. We have talked about our feelings and how to respond if someone does hurt your or says something not nice. The children are saying “stop”, or “no, I don’t like that”. We have been developing strategies to help the children regulate their emotions and respond in a positive way.

From the kindy team, Agnes, Erin, Julie, Belinda, Jess and Carmen

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