Minbalup Kindy Room News July 2018

Minbalup Kindy Room News July 2018

Pyjama Day 19/7/18

This day was fun for the whole Centre. We had fun wearing our PJ’s and having quiet activities. Some of us brought in our teddies and we sang action songs like ‘Ring a Ring a Rosie’. The Kindy children enjoyed talking about our bedtime routines and shared news about our favourite toys.

Dental Hygienist Fran’s visit 26/7/18

Dental Hygienist Fran, a previous parent to the centre, came and talked with the children about taking care of our teeth. She demonstrated to the children how to carefully make sure their teeth are cleaned properly, and recommended brushing our teeth twice a day. Each child was given a toothbrush and toothpaste. This was received by excited children, who then talked about their own dental hygiene practices.

Police Car Visit 31/5/18

The children in the Kindy and Toddler rooms visited the pre-school as one of our parents and grandparents visited them in their Police car. The children took great interest in sharing their knowledge about ringing 000 for the police. The policemen then reminded us that we can also dial 000 for ambulance and fire. We then took turns to sit in the police car and listen to the siren. The children were interested in their many pockets. The children were shown that Police carry a special light to see at night, radio, note book & pen to write things. They were also informed that Police are safe people to go to if you are lost.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

We are introducing ‘Little Scientist’ sessions into our normal Kindy routine. The children explore topics like; water, air, optics and human body. Explorations lead us into questioning and hypothesising which lead to experiments to test these theories. The children make predictions about what might happen and then document the experiment and the ideas that come up as a result of this testing. These sessions are recorded with photos and displayed in our pre-school room as well as added to the children’s portfolios. You are welcome to see and get involved. Children and families can show us your science experiences. Let’s get scientific / inquiry based – go for Little Scientist!

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