Quindalup Toddler Room News June 2017

Quindalup Toddler Room News June 2017

Emergent Curriculum & Programming

We are still in the trial & error stage of introducing this style of curriculum/documentation in the room but we are having fun learning together. We are currently basing our program on the routines of the toddler room. In June the children’s interests have been music and movement; the children have been dancing to their favourite songs, including Frozen and Nursery Rhymes.

Child profile folders with stories, photos and artwork are kept on the toy shelf for families to have a look at what your child has been learning in the toddler room at any time. The children love looking through their own books and would happily share them with you.

We have recently purchased new equipment and toys such as dress ups, cars and car ramp, table for blocks and water play, tea sets, dolls baskets and carriers. The children are all enjoying exploring these new items and are remembering to share!

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