Yoga with the Kindy Children

Yoga with the Kindy Children

Hi all!

Fitness is so important for your children’s health and well-being. We incorporate all different types of physical play into our planning and activities, so that we can keep your children active and interested. Our most recent interest in the kindy room is yoga!! Have your children told you about this or have you noticed them practising this at home?

Tanika has been doing yoga with the children after relaxation time when all the children are inside. We have been practising our breathing and balancing along with easy to do yoga moves!  Maybe this is something that you can do at home with your children? I’m sure they can show you a thing or two!

Children love yoga because they can pretend to be anything they can imagine

Betty Larrea

There are some photos in the foyer on the photo board of the children doing yoga, make sure to check this out next time you are here.

Next week we are going to try some different move. We will keep you posted, I’m sure the children will too!

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