Walk to the oval.

Walk to the oval.

On the 1st of May 2018, the Kindy children went for an adventure over to the local oval. They wore their high-vis vests and lined up with a partner, holding onto the ‘walks’ rope.

Erin, Agnes and Julie (kindy educators) went on the adventure too. We talked about the importance of road safety and put it into practice.

We practised looking both ways and listening to see if we could hear anything coming and then proceeded to walk across the road safely. This is an important skill to learn as children will need these skills forever.

Once we got to the oval, the children took part in a variety of activities. These activities included running, jumping and some fun games. After the activities we put our hands on our chest and tried to feel our heartbeat. This was a great conversation starter about our heart and why it beats faster when we exercise.

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